Copy The Constitution


Write out The United States Constitution, by hand preferably or to copy it in another form if you’d like.

I was inspired by this story in the New York Times about a few who gathered following our last election to copy the Constitution by hand, I created this site to encourage a movement of others to do the same.

Even if you only do a small part or the Amendments that matter most to you, I hope doing so will provide you with a deeper and richer understanding than you had before.


Because writing by hand is something I’ve long championed as a way to best connect to the written word. Writing something down allows one to better learn, remember, and form an intimacy with that which is being written. There is no better time to build such a connection to the words of the US Constitution — the foundation and framework of our rights and governance — than now.


Anywhere, but even better if in a public space with an invitation for others to jump in.


Grab some notebooks or loose-leaf or foolscap and some pens or pencils or markers or crayons… Go down to your public library and invite a few friends. Spread out at a coffee shop table and make a little placard letting people know what you're doing and welcoming them to join. Or, make it a solitary and meditative experience for just you. Whatever works, just do it.

Need a copy to copy?

You can find a transcription of the Constitution online here.

If you'd like a more portable version, Amazon has a number of free and at cost versions here.

You can also get a 10 pack of a nice pocket version from the ACLU to share with others who wish to join you and support a good cause while doing so.